Questions & Answers  
Q:  How much time is needed to arrange service?
A:  Depending on the services needed, we are able to accommodate most clients within 24 hrs after the initial call is placed.
Q:  How are drivers trained?
A:  Our drivers undergo an extensive training course by our Logistics and Training Coordinator.  Our teams are dependable, professional and flexible.  All drivers and vans are fully insured.
Q:  What areas do you cover?
A:  We cover the Metro Detroit area, Suburbs, and surrounding areas.  Because we can provide personalized service, many other routes are available upon request.
Q:  What are your rates?

A:  We personalize each route to fit your needs.  Pricing is given at the time your needs have been determined.  There are various plans that can be discussed.
Q:  Interested in a career with Lakeside?
A: Please e mail your resume to: 
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